Stop Making Cents - Label Compilation CD

Stop Making Cents - Label Compilation CD

*RELEASE DATE: May 1st - All orders will begin to ship out April 27th, 2020*

Stop Making Cents - A CorpoRAT Records Compilation:

I put this compilation together to bring all of our current artists in one place for all of you to discover the incredible diversity of talent on the label but also to help you easily find some new music that you may not known about. It's also meant to help promote some of the incredible local, small businesses who've really stepped up to sponsor this thing and help me make it a reality.

The CD features 17 songs from our six, different current bands: Indian Goat, Itchy Kitty, Bad Motivator, thrpii, Vanna Oh! and Kung Fu Vinyl.

Some of these tracks are off previous releases, some never released, for some this is the only place to find them, some yet to be released EP's and albums or just demos you haven't heard. It's meant to be put on and played from start to finish, don't skip around, enjoy and hope you hear someone new you wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Pick one of these up and help the label offset some of the losses we've experienced due to the COVID-19 shutdown!

There is also a bunch of surprises on the inside, courtesy of some of the sponsors and the label. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $6.65 FOR THIS ALBUM!

1. Indian Goat: Be Your Seer (non, album track)
2. Itchy Kitty: Year Of The Slut (off their full length album: Careless Whisker)
3. Bad Motivator: Lake Trash (off their full length album: Pleasure Island)
4. thrpii: death in a godhand (off their EP: sessions)
5. Vanna Oh!: Chaperone (new, previously unreleased)
6. Kung Fu Vinyl: Time Capsule (new, off their forthcoming EP)
7. Indian Goat: Black Pearl (off their full length album: II)
8. Itchy Kitty: Meet My Master (off their EP: Feargasm)
9. Bad Motivator: Bad Taste (new, off their forthcoming EP)
10. thrpii: moloch (demo, previously unreleased)
11. Vanna Oh!: Bear Named Sue (off her EP: Samples)
12. Kung Fu Vinyl: Downtown Brown (new, off their forthcoming EP)
13. Indian Goat: Knockin' (off their full length album: II)
14. Itchy Kitty: Stray (off their full length album: Mr. Universe)
15. Bad Motivator: Kill Me (off their full length album: Pleasure Island)
16. thrpii: behemoth (demo, previously unreleased)
17. Kung Fu Vinyl: Tell Me (feat. Kaylee Goins) (off their forthcoming EP)

Thanks to some rad businesses and friends who helped sponsor this thing, please give them all your money:
• Doma Coffee Roasting Company
• 4,000 Holes Record Store
• The Great PNW
• HyperTuna Productions
• Vintage Vending
• CorpoRAT Printshop
• The Senator - Guitar Store
• Alicia Hauff Photography

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