Itchy Kitty: Mr. Universe - Cassette Tape

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Itchy Kitty: Mr. Universe - Cassette Tape

Itchy Kitty: Mr. Universe on transparent purple cassette tape. 2nd run, Limited to 99 copies. Includes download code.

Side A:
1. Bore
2. Mama Cheese
3. Walk Towards Work
4. Stray
5. Crazy Boi
6. Size Queen
7. Dull

Side B:
1. Educational Hissing
2. Pick My Teeth
3. Fuck 2 Sleep
4. Year Of The Goth
5. Street Cat Blues
6. Hate Myself
7. Hairballs Regurgitated

All songs by Itchy Kitty. Recorded and mixed by Catman at The Garden of Earthly Delights except Dull, recorded by Emily Dormaier. Mastered by Bill Nieman at Rainbow Trout Studios. Creative consultants Delphine Kiely Gaye Feighner and Rik Teef

• Tapes are all hand printed and dubbed, in-house, here at our screen print shop: CorpoRAT Printshop (Always accepting new clients!)•