Itchy Kitty: Money Tape

Itchy Kitty: Money Tape

We went ahead and combined both of Itchy Kitty's, 2 EPs into one stellar compilation cassette titled Money Tape. Side A features the tracks from Feargasm and Side B features the tracks from the digital only release of Under The Covers. These cassettes are professionally dubbed and manufactured and include digital download cards.

There are 3 variants available, this being the most scarce. We have this 'CorpoRAT Edition' on Red cassette shells with Black writing and red leaders. Edition of 54. They will be on sale in both shops tomorrow starting at 10AM, PST. I won't be making posts about these on Social Media until Monday. I want to make sure the deviants who support us the most get first crack.

• 33 are available exclusively through our webstore -

• 20 are available exclusively through our Bandcamp -

The band has a 'Tour Edition' available - 102 copies on Black shells with blue writing. They will be making this available only at their merch table on this upcoming run of dates playing with friends Prism Bitch and Built To Spill.

There is also a 'Retail Edition' we'll be making available through all the physical record stores that carry our releases. That edition is 104 copies with a White shell & blue writing.

There's a few options to snag one depending on your circumstances but we don't expect these to be around long.

Side A - ( Songs by Itchy Kitty, originally from the Feargasm EP)

A1 - Fish Money
A2 - Meet My Master
A3 - Razorface
A4 - Queen Of Halloween
A5 - Sexy Requiem

Side B - ( • Side B songs written by Dead Boys, GG Allin, Talking Heads & Bauhaus and performed by Itchy Kitty, originally from the Under The Covers EP)

B1 - Sonic Reducer
B2 - Don't Talk To Me
B3 - Psycho Killer
B4 - Dark Entries

  • 22 available 67%