Itchy Kitty: Careless Whisker (CD)

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Itchy Kitty: Careless Whisker (CD)

Itchy Kitty's first album: Careless Whisker on CD.

1. Year of the Slut
2. Diffuse the Rat
3. Concede
4. Tomcat Society
6. Kitty Puke
7. Headparts
8. Bummer Bitch*
9. Hairballs
10. My Name is Boo!
11. NoMe
12. I Was a Fool**

•All songs by Itchy Kitty except *'Bummer Bitch' by Freestone and **'I Was a Fool' by The Reatards

•Recorded and mixed at Letterbox Studios by Catman Crothers • Mastered by B. Nieman at Rainbow Trout Studios