Family Worship Center - Splatter vinyl bundle

Family Worship Center - Splatter vinyl bundle

***THESE ARE PREORDERS, TENTATIVELY SHIPPING FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER*** - If you've already placed a pre-order for KOTG, shoot me an email or DM and I'll get you a discount code to add this to your order and save on shipping.

This bundle features both, Family Worship Center's debut LP; Kicked Out Of The Garden AND their debut EP; Sunday A.M.

Sunday A.M. was originally released in 2020, this is the very first pressing on vinyl, updated with live versions of each track on the B-side and updated jacket artwork and insert.

This bundle features both, Label Only, splatter variants and will only be available here, in our webstore while they last. You'll also save a few bucks for picking up both.

• 96 Gold w/ Black splatter (Kicked Out Of The Garden)
• 150 on Insomnia, splatter (Sunday A.M.)

  • 20 available 80%